Why should you Choose Solar Masters?

Solar Masters is able to lend a hand to Mackay and other North Queensland Cities, their households and companies with any concern for the electricity generated by solar energy systems. We concentrate in grid connect solar power systems and maintain our position on the top in the competition of the best solar power systems. These days, grid connect solar panels Mackay is very reasonable price than in the past before, and, it was never been so comfortable to diminish the carbon footprint left by your past generation, also your monthly electricity bill as well with liberal incentives now available from the end of Australian Government.

CEC Helps in Installing Solar

The CEC (Clean Energy Council) makes available openhanded upfront and markdowns on installing the solar power systems on the houses or companies, which are based on the worth of RECs Renewable Energy Certificates. There are two types of Renewable Energy Certificates for getting the discount on your solar installation, the first one is STCs (Small-scale Technologies Certificates) for the small businesses who are applying for the solar energy system under 100kW, and the second one is LGCs (Large-scale Generation Certificates) which are for the businesses who want to produce the electricity on a large scale.

World Class Services from Solar Masters

To dig out more information from which you can take advantages of the solar faculties of CEC and start producing your personal electricity by using green energy, just take the services of Solar Masters. Introducing the PV Grid-Connect Solar Energy System will going to save a good amount of money on your quarterly energy utility bill every next year till approximately 18 future years, and also protect you from advance raising prices of electricity. Solar Masters are experts in non-conventional, green, and clean energy for your houses or companies and provide you grid-connect solar energy systems. Solar Masters also provide no obligation site assessments and solar quotes for free. Their eligible workers are available 24*7 to appointment your ground or property to clear all of your concerns regarding going solar and offer you a right solar inverter installation Cairns exclusively appropriate to your personal electricity demands and resources.

Three Phases of Saving Money

Solar Masters is the only solution if you are looking for a durable and quality product solar panel system for your home and business buildings at reasonable costs with the Australian Government’s rebates and further allowance. You are going to save money in three phases.

Solar Rebates: Solar rebates are generally issued by the government and can reduce the actual cost of the solar panels by a good amount. Solar Masters is a Clean Energy Council Retailer, which means you can check your eligibility for getting the rebates for your solar.

Reduce the Electricity Bill: By taking the services of the Solar Masters, you can make install the solar panel system at your own place. The solar panel system will reduce your quarterly utility bills up to 75% if you ask for Monocrystalline solar panels.

FIT: FIT or Feed-In Tariff plan further provide you the good value of your electricity that you send to the Mains Grid. As we already have discussed that Solar Masters provide you Grid-connect solar power systems from which you can sell or buy electricity directly.

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