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We Are Solar Masters, We Are Engineers !

Solar Masters is one of the most experienced and best solar companies in Brisbane. At Solar Masters, as the business is owned by an Engineer who is enthusiastic about solar energy, we focus on superior quality, improved performance levels, and system durability. As top solar providers in Brisbane, we self-assuredly stand by our complete system with our years of quality experience. We are local solar installers lending a hand to locals in Brisbane.

Best Solar Company Assisting and Servicing Brisbane and All over QLD

Being a leading solar company based in Brisbane, we have been helping and servicing the entire Brisbane area now for years. We are focusing on higher-quality solar product installations and are committed by our benchmarks to make sure enablement of the best services you can trust.

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Energy Proficient and Environment-Friendly Services

Solar Masters is an establishment with assets of knowledge and practice in the energy industry across Brisbane and regional QLD , As one of the foremost solar panel companies and solar system installers in Brisbane, Solar Masters has assisted thousands of families as well as businesses to clinch energy expert and environment-friendly solutions. You can go through our solar companies Brisbane reviews to ensure the quality of products we provide, including best solar panels, solar batteries as well as solar inverters across Brisbane.

Hello, I am Viv, Solar Master’s founder and Director. In early 2006 I have completed my Electrical Engineering from UWS (University of Western Sydney), I have been always fascinated by renewable energy and very passionate about making some difference in the world. Since completion of my study, I have been working with Australia’s top leading companies in energy and solar industry and have gained vast experience and knowledge. Over the years, I have helped thousands of Australian families and businesses by giving them the right solution based on their energy need to maximise ROI for every dollar spent.

Solar Masters is the organisation with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Energy industry. We personally visit your property,ask series of questions about your power consumption patterns which help us suggest the most cost effective custom plan and system for your house or business. We believe, investing in solar is the greatest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetime.

Our team can provide you cost-effective and customised on grid and off grid solar systems for your home and business anywhere in Brisbane, Regional Queensland, New South wales and Victoria. Maintaining compliance and high standards is our number one priority which is backed up by industries top quality products long term warranties and our CEC Accredited Installers.

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Jinko SolarGrowattSolax PowerABBFroniusFroniusFroniusFroniusFroniusFroniusFronius
FroniusABBJinko SolarSolax PowerFroniusGrowattFroniusFroniusFroniusFroniusFronius