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We are specialist in providing strategic solar solutions in VIC, QLD & NSW.

Solar Panels

At Solar Masters, we have been installing and enabling solar panels across Brisbane for years. We pride ourselves on our proficient service and high-quality workmanship.

Solar Battery

Most of the Home with Solar Panels, Generate power during daytime and supply it to the house first and any excess power Fed back to supplier or Retailer to earn Solar Feed in Tariff , This is where the Solar Battery system can help homeowners to store their access power when there is any shortfall from solar PV generation or at night time when sun is not shinning.

Solar Inverter

At the core of every solar power system is a solar inverter in Brisbane. Our solar power inverters turn the continuously varying DC power from the solar panels into a steady AC power supply.

Mounting & Racking

Mounting and racking are essential components of a solar power system, providing structural support for solar panels. Mounted securely on rooftops or the ground, they ensure optimal positioning for maximum sunlight exposure. Racking systems come in various designs to accommodate different installation needs, while robust mounting solutions guarantee durability and stability, safeguarding your investment for years to come.

EV Chargers

To provide concise information about the growing demand for EV chargers in Brisbane, highlighting the city's commitment to sustainable transportation and the need for a robust charging infrastructure. This paragraph aims to inform readers about the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in Brisbane and the efforts being made to support this transition through the installation of EV chargers. Additionally, it emphasizes the convenience and accessibility of these chargers, underlining their role in promoting cleaner and greener transportation options for residents and businesses in the city.

Heat Pumps

To raise awareness about the benefits and applications of heat pumps in Australia. By highlighting their efficiency, versatility, and environmental advantages, the aim is to encourage individuals and businesses to consider heat pumps as a viable heating and cooling solution. Additionally, the aim is to promote the adoption of heat pumps as part of Australia's efforts to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future. Ultimately, the aim is to position heat pumps as a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems in the country.

Local CEC Approved Solar Retailer QLD

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