Top 10 Solar System in Australia

Looking for Solar Panels Brisbane? Solar Masters presents a list of top solar companies in Brisbane if you are looking for the best 10 solar panel installers in Australia 2023 then your search ends here. There are hundreds of diverse solar panel brands accessible for purchase on the Australian solar market based on quality as well as performance. The well built solar panels constructed with top quality components installed deliver excellent results across the industry.

Top mistakes People Make When Buying Solar Panels

  • Putting off purchasing solar as are waiting for batteries to go down in price
  • Not exploring different vendors and not getting multiple quotations
  • Being ignorant of how the ‘rebate’ works-out and calculating paybacks from solar
  • Not knowing what safeguards you are entitled to as per Australian consumer laws
  • Not asking the right questions to filter the higher quality solar installers from the rest
  • Not knowing what size of the solar system is precise for your home
  • Thinking that as your roof doesn’t face the most favourable direction, solar is not worth it

Things to Remember while Buying Solar Panels

  • Check the recommendations and reviews online
  • Be aware of the length of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Have practical price outlooks
  • Check out solar panel certifications
  • Explore and decide on the category of solar panels
  • Ensure solar panel efficiency and effectiveness
  • Shun high-pressure marketing and sales professionals

Below are some of the top solar panels companies for solar panels installation utilizing the newest technology and pioneering design.

List of Top 10 Solar Panels and Solar Inverter in Australia 2023

1) Longi

LONGI solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. LONGi solar has been focusing on MONO for 18 years and is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline silicon wafers in the world, with total assets above $5.23 billion(2017). It also plans to have 45 GW of monocrystalline wafer production capacity by the year 2020

2) Jinko Solar

Based in China, Jinko Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer and is likely one of the largest solar panel producers across the globe. The Jinko Solar panels supplied to the Australian marketplaces are consistent and cost-effective with a 10 years product warranty.

3) Seraphim Solar Panels

Seraphim Solar produces a selection of solar panels. The company was founded in 2009 and is a reasonably sized manufacturer of different solar panels. They offer ten years of product warranties and 25 years of performance warranties.

4) LG Solar

The company is a division of the well recognized global electrical appliance maker LG. LG produces higher quality solar panels with a replacement warranty. The solar panels models showcased on the Australian LG Energy site are LG NeON® 2, LG NeON® 2 Black, LG NeON® R as well as LG NeON® 2.

5) SunPower Australia

The company has been a top global solar innovator. With good quality and highest-efficiency solar panels, the company continually delivers value to its clients. SunPower is the solar energy preference of more homeowners and businesses across the world.

6) Solax Power

Solax Power provides complete sales, logistics, and technical support services through the Australian head office in Melbourne. The objective of the company is to be a global leader in the development, production, and distribution of quality solar inverters. The product assortment incorporates the very newest in solar innovation with a focus on continued R&D. They recently launched an advanced X-Hybrid battery storage system.

7) Growatt Solar Panels

Founded in 2010, Growatt is one of the most fruitful solar inverter brands across Australia, with a reputation for cost-effectiveness. The company produces grid-connect inverters for an assortment of residential and business solar power system sizes.

8) Fronius Solar Panels

Fronius Australia effectively serves as a regional hub for Australia in terms of the distribution, service, and support of our range of inverters. Global experience with sturdy local support makes sure premium quality products and steadfastness services.

9) Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech Australia is a solar panel company producing tier 1 solar panels with 25 years of performance warranty as well as 12 years of product warranty.

10)   SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower designs, manufacture, and provide higher performance solar systems globally for residential, commercial as well as utility-based power plant clients.

Key Takeaways

Everyone needs the best value for their investment and many years of energy production from the solar panels. So our above list is essential to explore and will help you make the best decision.

Solar Masters – Leading Solar Panel Installer in Brisbane

Being a leading solar company based in Brisbane, we have been helping and servicing the entire Brisbane area now for years. We are focusing on higher-quality solar product installations and are committed by our benchmarks to make sure enablement of the best services you can trust. Solar Masters is an establishment with assets of knowledge and practice in the energy industry across Brisbane and regional QLD , As one of the foremost solar panel companies and solar system installers in Brisbane, Solar Masters has assisted thousands of families as well as businesses to clinch energy expert and environment-friendly solutions. You can go through our solar companies Brisbane reviews to ensure the quality of products we provide, including best solar panels, solar batteries as well as solar inverters across Brisbane.

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