Five Solar Tips for Your New Build Home

Reports say that every new building that is being constructed in Australia installs a solar system on the rooftop. Are you also planning to construct a new home, apartment, or commercial building?

If yes, then it is essential to talk to the building contractor and architect about the solar system. Remember, it should be done during the planning phase only. Thus, it will be seamlessly taken into the construction project.

Now a days Most of the Homes fitted with high tech appliance and getting more and more advance either getting Ducted AC, hot water system, Pool, spa or planning for Electric car Chargers.

Installation of a solar panel system is a big decision. Hence, it has to be taken systematically.

Solar Installation Tips For New Build Homes

To make things easy, this blog brings five very important solar tips for your newly built home. Construction planning with these tips will control the installation cost and generate optimum performance from the solar unit.

1. Single Phase or 3 Phase supply

Depends on Network Provider limitation, but usually Most of the suppliers approves 5KVA per phase in export limit so 3 phase property can install a bigger full export system up to 15kva inverter with almost 20 kW of Solar panels.

2. Roof

Making sure you have adequate roof space and try keeping North West and east facing roof available for Solar Panels and try avoiding installing any Whirly bird ,Sky light or antenna or best way possible to not in the way or required any repositioning at solar install.

3. Energy efficient appliances & LED lighting

When you are building a new home, you have the choice of Appliances & lighting. Choose High Energy star rated appliances and Experts say that LED lights save energy. They give bright illumination with less power. Therefore, they are ideal for solar power.

Nowadays, LED lights are available in mind-boggling variety and style. They can make your home special. At the same time, they are economical also.

4. Trees & Shading

Solar panels do not generate power with 100% efficiency even if there is some shade. Therefore, you should watch out for trees around. Are there tall trees around your house? Are the branches obstructing the sunlight? Or any high storey building nearby

If yes, then call some expert and get them trimmed or choose location to Ensure that the panels get full sunlight maximum time of the day. It brings the maximum output for you.

It is important to keep the solar panels clean. Dust, debris, leaves, etc. obstruct the sunlight. Each solar cell needs maximum exposure to the sun for higher efficiency.

5. Pre Wiring and Conduit work

Here at Solar Masters, we assist many homeowners in their building phase to get the conduit and cable work before the wall gyprock or cladding goes in to hide the external cabling work to get the great aesthetic look. It is essential to call some professional solar panel system installer that has a good reputation for quality and reliability. You can enjoy the benefits of an immaculate solar panel system that works year after year.

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