Solar Power in Brisbane: The Definitive Guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Solar Power Systems

Brisbane is one of the best places in Australia to enjoy solar power. With fantastic levels of sun exposure and Australia’s rather high energy prices, one can expect to see a fantastic return in terms of savings on your energy bill. Many people nowadays are switching to a sustainable source of energy, solar energy. It is a one-time investment that gives returns year after year without much maintenance.

However, before moving to it, one must get enough knowledge and understanding of it. it helps in making the right decision.

Why is solar power gaining more popularity after every passing year? One reason is the price of electrical power is rising at great speed. It is affecting the budget of every household.

Another thing is an interruption in the power supply due to various reasons. It affects the daily routine.

When you install a solar power station on the roof, it generates sufficient power for the needs of the household. Not only that, one can sell the excess power to the public grid. Whatever excess power is sent to the grid will be deducted from the bill.

Thus, it is an investment with several benefits.

The sooner you install, the better it is

As they say, time is money. You should not delay the decision of installing solar panels. From the first day, you generate electricity and save on the power bill.

If you do not use all the power, then it can be fed back into the grid. Whatever units you send to the grid are deducted from the monthly power consumption. You get credit for surplus power.

Do you think that it is better to wait for solar power installation because the price of solar panels and batteries is dropping every year? If yes, then you are mistaken.  The prices have declined in the past and now they have become almost stagnant.

Also, the charges of installation and maintenance are increasing. Therefore, you will not get the complete benefit of a drop in price.

Factors to be considered

  • Certification: The installer should have certification from CEC or Clean Energy Council. It is important for availing of rebates. Also, the certification gives confidence that the installer is trained in safe and effective solar panel installation.
  • Cost: Indeed, the cost is important. The solar system will be part of your home for at least 20 to 30 years. Therefore, it is essential to go with a system that has the best quality and performance to keep you satisfied.
  • Warranty: Warranties are given by solar power installers on solar panels and batteries. You have to be aware of it. Some installers give a written performance guarantee. Make sure you get at least 10 years warranty minimum. Workmanship warranty is normally for five years.
  • Reputation: Always buy a solar system from a reputed and respected installer. It is better to have some referrals.


The components of a solar power system are imported from overseas. Therefore, the cost depends on the dollar conversion rate.

You can save some costs by availing of the solar rebate offered by the government. Contact the relevant authorities for the details.

If you are not in a position to spend the entire amount, then there is a possibility of financing the amount. Good and trusted installers offer various finance choices.

At Solar Masters, we have been installing and enabling solar panels across Brisbane for years. We pride ourselves on our proficient service and high-quality workmanship. When it comes to finding the precise balance between quality solar products and pricing, our solar panels cost are highly reasonable with superior quality.

Get in touch with the best installer and receive an obligation-free quote today.

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