Mistakes Newbies Make When Buying Solar Panels

As the price of electricity touches a new high, many people are shifting to solar energy. Not just because it is cost-effective, but it is a sustainable, green source of energy also.

When people decide about it, they are bound to make some mistakes. Here in this blog, we will discuss 7 common mistakes made by newbies.

The Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make When Buying Solar Systems

#1 Too much expectation

People have undue expectations from a solar power system sometimes. They feel that the system will start saving money from the first month of installation. However, we should understand that it is an investment. No investment gives a return before a certain time.

It will take some time to start earning from the system. It depends on various factors like the amount of cloud cover, angle of solar panels, the efficiency of the system, and so on.

#2 Buying substandard systems

Sometimes, people make the decision of switching to solar hastily. They do not spend sufficient time in study and research. Thus, they end up buying low-quality, substandard systems recommended by some non-qualified person. It is one of the most common mistakes newbies make.

It does not mean you should be extravagant. The point is, do a proper analysis and then invest in the system.

#3 No getting detailed quotations

This mistake is interlinked with #2. When people do not research wholeheartedly, they tend to ignore the quotation as well. Even if they get it, sufficient attention is not given to it.

As a result, they buy a system that is expensive and does not fulfill all their expectations. One should ask for a detailed quotation from every vendor and read every bit of it.

Factors like evaluation of the roof, orientation of the home, and current electricity consumption should be considered by the solar installer before giving a quotation.

#4 Not considering incentives and rebates

Every government in the state gives incentives and rebates for solar panel installation. It is a common mistake to ignore it while calculating the cost of energy.

There could be some extra rebates also over and above this. You have to ask local authorities about it. Government Rebate in the electricity bill is offered by the local utility company.

#5 Delaying the decision

People delay the decision due to their confusion and indecisiveness. It increases the cost of installation. They do not contact any service provider and explain their requirements. It is a reason for expensive system procurement.

#6 More belief in DIY things

Some people think that they are techno-savvy, and they can install it themselves. However, they are not aware of the minute technical details and possible difficulties and roadblocks.

Sometimes, they do not have an idea of the size of the solar panels. They do not know how much roof support is required. They do not know about wiring and electrical details.

#7 Not understanding about Roof Installation

Sometimes, people go for it without preparation.  They do not have any idea about the direction, angle, and coverage of sunrays and so on.

Make sure you are not committing any of these mistakes.

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