How to choose the best solar battery system

Do you think that choosing solar batteries for your solar panel system will be a difficult task? Well, it is not actually.

Indeed, there are many different varieties of solar battery technologies to select from, and picking the perfect solar battery will depend on what you expect from them.

Your needs and preferences will play a big role in that.

The dealers and suppliers that offer solar panel in Brisbane can give you a list of their preferred batteries. Some dealers provide the batteries along with panels, but some don’t.

So, you need to get that clarity first.

But the question is how will you choose from the list of choices? Here are some valuable tips.

Check the voltage requirement

This is the first technical requirement. Since solar panels produce DC or Direct Current, they have a particular solar battery requirement (usually around 12 or 24 volts).

If you have a solar system with two solar panels, there you may not need more than one solar battery in order to store the energy.

If there are three or four panels, then you need to install two separate solar batteries. Experts recommend that you should not prefer one large-capacity unit. Let each panel have its dedicated energy storage.

Once you know which battery is right for you, you can ask any dealer that supplies solar battery in Brisbane. Check the Internet for the authenticity, reliability, and reputation of the dealer.

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Check Your Budget

Consider your budget when selecting a solar battery as there are various varieties of batteries today.

Depending on what type of property you live on, how much power storage backup do you need, and how much solar energy storage -reliable backup- capacity your system requires?

These are a few deciding parameters.

If you research well, then you will find several budget-friendly options. For example, lead acid batteries have a lower price point. Their maintenance requirements are higher, though.

Lithium-Ion batteries last longer and their maintenance requirements are not high. They can provide higher solar power when paired with solar panels. They are expensive batteries.

Check the technology of your Solar Batteries

You have to spend time understanding the different types of solar battery technologies & energy storage options before making a purchase decision.

Check the Charge Controller System

You should check the battery inverter with an integrated charge controller. It protects the panels from being overcharged. It can also prevent damage in case there is any issue with the electrical wiring in your home.

Inverters produce AC current while chargers provide DC currents; thus, they work in sync to ensure that every product in the solar panel system is protected.

Check your solar energy is set up correctly

Some important parameters to choose your solar batteries are:

  • Right voltage
  • Am- hours
  • Wattage rating

If the solar panels in your system produce 24 volts of power, then you will need a battery system with at least 60–65-amp hours. Then only you will get the best energy storage capacity from them. These are some valuable sharing about choosing a solar battery system.

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