How to Avoid the Traps and Pitfalls of Solar?

So, you are thinking about going solar, right? It is indeed a great decision. The benefits of availing solar power are many.

However, did you think about the pitfalls or traps in that? You might not be even heard about that. It is a hard reality. People have burnt their fingers by relying on some fraudulent companies that burn out in no time.

Every company that offers solar power generation system claims to be the best in the world. We know that everyone cannot backs up the claims. Very few companies fulfill the expectations of their clients.

Now the question is, how to pick the best of the bunch? How to get the best value for money and avoid being left high and dry?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an “innocent” buyer that believes on everyone blindly or you are a “smart techno-savvy” user that Googles everything before making a deal. Everyone is equally vulnerable.

Do not get trapped into the lucrative offers given by some unknown companies. Systems supplied by such companies may not be long-lasting.

You will be in a trouble if their solar retailers go into liquidation or administration.

Not just that you will not get any assistance or warranty benefits, but you will have to spend on panels or inverter if anything goes wrong with the system.

Avoid the traps & pitfalls when buying solar systems

Here are some tips to assess that whether a company is going to be worth the time and money.

#1. Check the company history

How old is the company? The longevity is a major deciding element. You should not forget that in a tumultuous industry like solar power generation, only a company can survive that is the best.

Hence, you should go with a company that has proven its expertise and active in the market for a decade or more.

#2. Read the company reviews

Does the company enjoy a good reputation across various review platforms? There are many unbiased review platforms where you should check. Nothing can give better insight than the opinions of the people who availed the services in the past.

Instead of considering the face value of the company directly, you should read the reviews.

#3. Does the company have an established presence in Australia?

Why is that important? It has been found that people run into the systems coming from international suppliers. They do not have a presence in Australia. Thus, the process of claiming a warranty becomes tedious and difficult.

You should prefer a company that stocks products from manufactures with an Australian presence.

#4. Check warranty and after-sales

The warranty claim process is not easy even if the solar system manufacturer has an established presence in Australia.

Good companies offer support of after-sales department and warranty. They stick by the customers forever. Thus, customers do not have any problems in the future. Hope this blog has resolved all the doubts and concerns in the mind of an average buyer. It will help in making the right decision. A good solar system gives good results and better profitability.

Solar Masters is a solar power, solar panel and battery storage installation company with offices located in Milton, Brisbane and Cairns. Solar Masters team of qualified solar electricians have over ten years experience in the renewable energy industry and can provide your home or business with a cost-effective, customised grid connected or off-grid solar power system.

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