How much do Solar Panels Cost in Brisbane?

When you search for the estimated cost of installing solar panels in Brisbane, you get different figures. It is not something astonishing, but it is quite obvious.

The needs of every customer are different. Therefore, solar panel providers tailor their solar solutions to meet specific needs. It brings a variation in the price.  Also, other factors such as roof area and requirement of some add-ons change the price further.

Solar Power Systems Prices in Brisbane

Some solar panels are more expensive because they have additional features. Some are less expensive but less efficient. Some panels are more reliable and efficient, but they are expensive.

You need to keep a balance between the cost of solar panels and their output. Remember that the expensive panel is not always the best one. And on the flip side, not the cheapest panel is always the right panel.

To get a typical home solar system of 6.6KW with quality installation will cost anything between 5000$ to 10000$.

Why is it such a big difference? It is because of a wide choice of solar panels and inverters.

The bottom-end inverters are Chinese-made inverters whereas the higher-end inverters are mostly European-made. Both types of inverters can be paired with a premium solar panel brand.

Should you spend more?

When you see such a big variation, you think that whether you should spend more or not? Well, experts suggest that for a normal household need, it is sufficient to spend 7000$ and more to install a reliable and productive solar system.

Some solar companies offer 6.6KW solar systems for less than 5000$ nowadays, but experts caution about it. They say that buying a cheap solar system means the quality might be inferior. Hence, you may require spending more on repair and maintenance.

By going very cheap systems usually means you will end up with a solar system that is inefficient and unreliable.

Do not forget the rebates

Generous solar rebates are available nowadays in Brisbane, which makes your solar installation cheaper. You have to check the rebate before installing the solar system.

The more sunlight you get the cleaner energy you will produce. Once you go beyond the 100KW threshold of solar panels, there will be no upfront STC rebate. Such systems will be eligible for LGC Large-scale Technology. LGC is paid an ongoing subsidy. It is dependent on the actual production of solar power.

Check the authorities and get the exact rebate amount. It will give you an idea of your saving.

To summarize, the cost of installing solar panels in Brisbane is difficult to calculate precisely. It is because the factors that affect the cost are always changing.

Still, it is possible to get a reasonably good solar power unit if you keep 5000$ spare for it. At this cost, you can expect a system installation and maintenance by some reputed and recognized retailer in Brisbane.You must do some research to know about the best manufacturer and supplier.

Make your decision after calculating the cost of solar system installed correctly. Solar Masters is local CEC approved solar retailer in Brisbane offers the world’s most trusted tier 1 brands mono perc half cut black framed solar panels. 6.6 kW solar system starts from $3289 and 10 kW solar system starts from $4289 with 25 year performance warranty and 10 year workmanship warranty.

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