Hail Damaged Solar Panels in Brisbane

Hailstorms rarely strike, but whenever they strike, solar panel owners get goosebumps.

Yes, though the panels are designed to face tough climatic conditions, severe hailstorm might cause damage to them.  Like the recent one happened in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and some other placed. The solar panel owners in the worst-hit places are still assessing the damage. Panels that are covered under the insurance will be replaced or repaired without any cost. However, panels that are not insured will attract a heavy cost. Also, it is important to check the coverage. Is it comprehensive insurance covering panels as well as inverter? If not, then the inverter cost has to be born by the owner if there is some damage.

Some old unite have become non-functional, and they will have to be upgraded.

What will you do if the panel gets damaged?

Well, the first thing is to call the supplier for the assessment of the damage. They receive multiple calls after such incidence. Hence, you have to keep patience until you connect to the service provider.  But before the team arrives, you need to do some homework.

The biggest risk is to get an earthing fault. It indicates that the flow of power will be from the panels to the roof. Fortunately, inverters have the capability of detecting the nature of the fault. If the inverter has an indicator to show the ground fault and it is glowing, it means the panels have got damaged.

Even if the indicator does not glow or you do not have any, then also you need to keep a close watch on it for a few weeks.

Go on the rooftop with care

It would be risky to climb on the rooftop to assess the damage. Smashed panels have enough voltage to throw you off the roof. At night there is a low risk of voltage leakage but still, you must wear protective gear. Use an insulated ladder, long sleeve clothes, hand gloves, harnesses, and so on.

Call the service provider for cost estimation

The best thing is to call some experts. So that you have inspection and replacement in one go.  Get the estimation as accurate as possible. You will get the solar rebate if you replace the whole system. It cannot be claimed by changing the panels only. The best thing is to replace the entire system and start the warranty again.

For all costs, you need to talk to an expert Solar Panels Brisbane provider.

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