Frequently Asked Questions to Your Solar Power Consultant

When you invest a big chunk of money in a solar power system, it is important that you are a much prepared and a wiser solar consumer. Solar energy comes with several benefits, but knowing the ins and outs will help you in making a better and more appropriate decision.

It will make it clear which company you should choose to work with. You must get all of the facts you need before installing a full-fledged solar power unit on the roof.

9 questions to ask your solar power consultants

1. Is there something known as panel efficiency?

Yes, solar panels operate under some efficiency rating. Highly efficient panels occupy less space, but they generate more power. Even if the capacity of two panels is equal, they may generate different amounts of power. Also, there will be a difference in their compactness.

2. Is the panel covered by a warranty?

Yes, most people are worried about the warranty. Once they know that the panel is covered by a warranty, then they want to know what are the things covered?

A panel is covered by a performance warranty. The panels have a warranty of 10 to 25 years, whereas inverters are 5 to 10 years.

Your consultant and supplier should finalize it.

3. Should I get the system serviced?

Yes, you must get it serviced. The frequency can be decided by the consultant. It involves a comprehensive clean and health check of the whole unit.

4. When will I achieve the Break Even?

Typically, a solar power system pays within 3 years of installation. It depends on the time of installation.  If it is installed just before the summer, then it may come earlier also.

5. What documents should I receive?

The first document is a detailed quote. The second document is the terms and conditions document. The quote must have detailed line items that figure into the total.

The terms and conditions set expectations for using the system and dealing with the installation company later.

6. Does the solar system come with insurance?

You must ask the insurance provider about it. And do whatever the solar company suggests. In some cases, home insurance also covers a solar system. You don’t have to buy an extended or separate policy.

7. How fast should I expect the repair and maintenance?

Usually, a reputed solar company is very responsive. It attends the call immediately and gives the details of cost and timelines. Even if it has to coordinate with third-party service, then also it will get things done fast.

8. Is the setup or maintenance taken care of by consultants?

Some solar companies outsource the tasks to their partner companies. Some do it in-house. You have to get it clarified first. Even if the third-party vendors do that, you get a service guarantee.

9. How can I sell the extra power?

Solar panels collect sunlight and generate DC power. It is sent to an inverter for conversion to AC power. If the solar system is grid-tied, then it is connected to the local utility grid. The surplus solar power is fed to the grid.

If it is a buyback tariff arrangement, then you are paid for it. Everything happens automatically. Hence, you don’t have to bother.

Solar Masters is a solar power, solar panel and battery storage installation company with offices located in Milton, Brisbane and Cairns. Solar Masters team of qualified solar electricians have over 10 years experience in the renewable energy industry and can provide your home or business with a cost-effective, customised grid connected or off-grid solar power system.

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