Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rooftop Solar Retailer

Do you know that Australia may lead the world in the uptake of domestic rooftop solar energy? Yes, it is a fact. However, it is also a fact that many of these solar installations do not yield efficiency because they are not up to the standards.

Studies say that more than 700,000 solar installations are solar orphans and either solar company or product installed is substandard, pushed by sales and other suspected practices.

So, how will you ensure that you are buying a safe and efficient solar system? And how do you know that the retailer is trustworthy?

Well, this blog suggests that you should ask seven questions to the retailer.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Solar Panels

1. Does Solar Company has their own Electrical licenses and insurance?

Please check Solar Company has their own Electrical contracting License to perform any Electrical work.

Do they have appropriate public liability Insurances?

You can easily identify fly-by-night and shonky Companies by checking above.

2. How Long the company in the business?

There is always a possibility of hiring some fly-by-night operator because the field is dynamic. Before you go further, check for how long the seller has been doing business?

Do not let your solar installation be an orphaned one, installed by a company that is no longer around.

3. Will you be connected to the grid?

The process of connecting the system to the grid is technical. And, it has to happen before installation.

Your installer should give you the grid-connection application, its cost, and an estimate of how long the process will take?

4. Is he an approved solar retailer?

The retailer has to be an CEC-approved one. The Clean Energy Council is the approving authority. You must be alert if he is not an approved one.

An approved retailer has to follow the code of conduct. He does ethical sales and marketing activities. He follows the best practices.

5. What are the products and what are warranties?

What are the solar panels used by the installer? You can find various products with different warranties. Inverters have a five to ten years warranty. Solar panels have a 12 to 15 years warranty.

You need to check for the process of warranty claim processing also. What will be the process of sending back a faulty panel or inverter? How much time will it take for replacement?

6. Does it offer the same system to all?

Every person has different power needs. Also, the conditions at every household are different. Therefore, you cannot expect to have the same solar installation on every rooftop.

Does your install consider each small or big parameter while deciding your energy needs? Your available roof space, orientation, future shading, current shading, energy requirements, and so on are important parameters.

7. Will you get the rebate?

Will your retailer make you eligible for the rebate given by the government? You should remember that the rebate is given only if you follow the required parameters. Hence, you should ensure that.

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