4 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

It’s the most asked question before buying solar.

Confused about which panels are best as every retailer advises their products are the best!!!

Let me make the choice easier for you.

4 Things to look for before purchasing solar

1. Tier 1 Rated Manufacturer (Top Bankable Brands)

It’s very important solar panel manufacturers you choose are there for you for the lifespan of the product. Tier 1 rated Module suppliers who are always in the Top 5 with Financial scores AAA, AA, and A are Jinko, Longi, Canadian, First solar, JA and Trina.

2. Module Efficiency:

Measurement in the percentage of sunlight that hits your panel which is converted into electricity. The higher the efficiency rating, the better Quality Silicone cells are used. Gives more production with less space and less number of modules thus less system loss. The best solar module has module efficiency between 20 – 23% which you can find in the Modules datasheet.

3. Degradation Rate (Longer Lifespan with more Output):

Solar panels degrade because of Extreme weather conditions, wear and tear over time from exposure to UV rays. Most of the well-known modules have degradation nearby 0.5% every year. Recently Jinko and Sun power have some Groundbreaking lowest degradation achieved closed to 0.35%.

4. Product/Performance Warranty with Local Support:

25-year Performance and 12-15 years on product warranty are very common in the current market. But recently many suppliers have increased product warranty up to 20-25 years and performance warranty 25 -40 years as well Ensure Module suppliers have their head offices in major states with Good support staff.

At Solar Masters we have done our research before recommending any product to our customers and Quote can be tailored based on individual needs.

I hope the above information is helpful and guides you to choose the right product for your project.

We are happy to help with your needs and we assure you that we will value your investment.

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