Why you Choose CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

Have you ever made your mind about installing a solar energy system? If you are looking to reduce your energy demand or have more sustainable housing, solar thermal energy is one of the best options for you! Solar thermal systems use sunlight to produce thermal energy, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly. It is a renewable energy different from photovoltaic panels, which produce electricity instead of heat.

Discover the main positive effects of solar thermal energy:
  1. Reduce your energy consumption

Solar thermal systems use sunlight to produce heat, which reduces the heating bill to 70%. In addition, sunlight is a good free, so once the installation of the solar thermal system is complete, your expenses on heating and hot water will be reduced significantly.

  1. Commitment to sustainability

Solar thermal energy is a 100% natural solution, it does not generate any impact on the environment.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

By using solar energy instead of fossil coal, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is reduced.

  1. Save even more

Depending on where you live, you can get different government aids and incentives.

More and more, you are thinking about adopting a solar system Cairns of self-consumption energy in 2019. Indeed, remember that you must at least invest in a device allowing to profit and to use a renewable energy. Make sure, therefore, to choose your equipment not only according to your region, climate, but also your energy needs. Then you can proceed to the purchase of this equipment and its installation that we advise you to have it done by a professional.

Always choose the real professionals

In addition, it is very common that these professionals do not take into account in the sale price, the price of the installation of the equipment and some accessories. In this case, you will have to be careful and counts in addition to the price of the equipment, the cost of batteries, that of the installation of solar inverters in GoldCoast and take into account the guarantees if you must even install such a system. It should not be forgotten that this is electricity and that it is better to be cautious and trust the real professionals.

With the experience we have gained from our solar installation services, we have selected the right products and brands for you and established a strong supply chain that is valid throughout the country. It is time to share our experiences and the products we distribute with you!

Additional Benefits of Clean Energy Council Retailer

  1. The initial benefit of choosing the services of a Clean Energy Council Retailer is that you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the provider.
  2. Secondly, a Clean Energy Council Retailer will always provide you the original branded solar products for your solar power system installation.
  3. If you choose the services of a CEC approved retailer then it would be easy for you to take the advantages of the solar incentives and rebates providing by the government.
  4. You will get the chance of having an STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) for your household installation.

As we are the Clean Energy Council retailer, we do not miss any chance of providing the advanced technologies to our customers. Majority of our customers choose us when they are about to build a new house, so that they can make their home eco friendly and budget friendly. As we have discussed, you would have to invest a good amount of money at the starting but after completing the return on investment, your solar power system, would generate great revenue for you. Plus, solar rebates and discount schemes will help you a lot to start your solar journey.

Solar Buying Guide

Today, there are several ways to get electricity, which are significantly more environmentally friendly and which can also save a great deal in energy costs. We at Solar Masters want to attract more people to use energy in a more economical way and which is also environmentally friendly. Here we have collected all our products that are linked to using nature’s resources to obtain electricity such as wind and solar.

Many people are curious about solar energy but do not know where to start. This is a great place. If you are a few, e.g. a business owner, we will gladly come over and give a small lecture. But you can also find most things here.

Constant Decreasing Price of Solar power Installation in Australia

The investment cost for an Australian solar system includes both hardware and indirect costs. Hardware includes panels, solar inverters in GoldCoast, mounting material and other electronics and cables. Among the indirect the costs include planning, installation work, freight, commissioning and marginal gains. Historically, the solar panels have, and to some extent also the inverters, accounted for the majority of the cost of Australian solar system. In recent years, price reductions for solar cell systems have been mainly due to one decline in prices for Panels and Inverters.

Things to consider when going Solar

  1. Prerequisite

Why do you want a solar energy system? For economic reasons, or environmental reasons – or a bit of both? Or you may lack electricity in your cabin and still want some electric amenities. Under the heading Technology you can see what different solutions are available and what suits your conditions.

For example, if you have good roof surfaces and want to create electricity – yes, then it is solar cells that apply. Keep in mind that solar panels do not have to sit on a sloping roof. They can also be mounted on a stand on the ground or even attached to a flat surface or a wall. The area around the solar panels should be clean means not any tree or a building should block the sunlight to fall on panels properly.

  1. Economy

The most common question we get from the curious peoples is “does it pay off?”. The answer is “it depends”. Compared to what? In the long or short term and how much do you want and can you bet?

Some Thumb Rules:

The repayment period is 7-11 years. Large solar system Cairns have better economy than small ones, sheet metal roofs are easier to mount and roofs facing south are best. East-west ceilings are also good, but you may lose 20% on the exchange throughout the year. But some households use most energy in the mornings and evenings, so an east-west roof might be the best.

You can compare with bank interest rates or other money investments; an investment in solar energy yields about 6-8% return, which is not at all stupid. You can sell surplus energy back to the mains grid, but you will not receive a tax deduction for everything if you send out more than what you also buy in a year.