Sun Grow

Sungrow inverters, one of the best, are turning heads in Australia – and with good reason.

In 2011, it raced up the rankings by 12 positions to reach number 5 and last year was ranked the number 3 supplier of solar inverters in terms of global shipments. Sungrow is China’s largest string inverter manufacturer and over 3,000 megawatts capacity of its products are installed globally and has earned great reviews.

All Sungrow units offering high efficiency and outstanding quality for inverters in this price range; leading respected industry publication Photon International to comment that a Sungrow solar inverter model it reviewed could rub shoulders with the best of the inverters it had tested to date.

With optimized components and striking, robust design; SunGrow inverters are constructed to withstand Australian conditions.

Listed on the Shenzen stock exchange; Sungrow has an office and warehouse in Australia.