Why you Choose CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

Have you ever made your mind about installing a solar energy system? If you are looking to reduce your energy demand or have more sustainable housing, solar thermal energy is one of the best options for you! Solar thermal systems use sunlight to produce thermal energy, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly. It is a renewable energy different from photovoltaic panels, which produce electricity instead of heat.

Discover the main positive effects of solar thermal energy:
  1. Reduce your energy consumption

Solar thermal systems use sunlight to produce heat, which reduces the heating bill to 70%. In addition, sunlight is a good free, so once the installation of the solar thermal system is complete, your expenses on heating and hot water will be reduced significantly.

  1. Commitment to sustainability

Solar thermal energy is a 100% natural solution, it does not generate any impact on the environment.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

By using solar energy instead of fossil coal, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is reduced.

  1. Save even more

Depending on where you live, you can get different government aids and incentives.

More and more, you are thinking about adopting a solar system Cairns of self-consumption energy in 2019. Indeed, remember that you must at least invest in a device allowing to profit and to use a renewable energy. Make sure, therefore, to choose your equipment not only according to your region, climate, but also your energy needs. Then you can proceed to the purchase of this equipment and its installation that we advise you to have it done by a professional.

Always choose the real professionals

In addition, it is very common that these professionals do not take into account in the sale price, the price of the installation of the equipment and some accessories. In this case, you will have to be careful and counts in addition to the price of the equipment, the cost of batteries, that of the installation of solar inverters in GoldCoast and take into account the guarantees if you must even install such a system. It should not be forgotten that this is electricity and that it is better to be cautious and trust the real professionals.

With the experience we have gained from our solar installation services, we have selected the right products and brands for you and established a strong supply chain that is valid throughout the country. It is time to share our experiences and the products we distribute with you!

Additional Benefits of Clean Energy Council Retailer

  1. The initial benefit of choosing the services of a Clean Energy Council Retailer is that you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the provider.
  2. Secondly, a Clean Energy Council Retailer will always provide you the original branded solar products for your solar power system installation.
  3. If you choose the services of a CEC approved retailer then it would be easy for you to take the advantages of the solar incentives and rebates providing by the government.
  4. You will get the chance of having an STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) for your household installation.

As we are the Clean Energy Council retailer, we do not miss any chance of providing the advanced technologies to our customers. Majority of our customers choose us when they are about to build a new house, so that they can make their home eco friendly and budget friendly. As we have discussed, you would have to invest a good amount of money at the starting but after completing the return on investment, your solar power system, would generate great revenue for you. Plus, solar rebates and discount schemes will help you a lot to start your solar journey.

How to choose the right Solar PV system?

The design of a Solar PV system means a very broad concept that it would cover all tasks and specifications that have to be performed and taken into account to that a photovoltaic system works satisfactorily, with the greatest reliability and at the lowest possible cost. In this sense, there will be a great multitude of factors that will affect this design such as the consumption profile of the loads that are going to Sizing of Solar PV systems feed the photovoltaic system and the solar radiation of the place where the Installation, mainly.

The dimensioning concept would be a less broad concept and would be included among the design tasks Sizing of a photovoltaic system means the calculation of optimal installation size. The fundamental task of sizing a system Solar PV with the structure will consist mainly of the determination of the optimum size of both the photovoltaic generator and the battery or set of batteries that form the system. Since these two elements are the most important of the Solar PV system should pay special attention to its size. At a later stage, and without diminishing importance, it will be necessary to dimension also the other elements that also participate in the installation such as the inverter, the charge regulator and wiring.

The demand for energy imposes many of the characteristics of the installation, so in the planning of needs, everything related to the difference must be noted electrical appliances that will be the system charge. The energy that the user will need daily must be calculated. To do this you must determine the power of all the devices that will be included in the installation, individually, along with the average time of use of each of them. In case of doubt, both the power as the average time of use should be rounded up.

Sizing of Solar Battery

To define the size of the solar battery storage Mackay, the following must be taken into account parameters:

  • Maximum Depth of Discharge: is the maximum discharge level that is allowed to the battery before disconnecting the regulator, to protect the duration of the regulator. In stationary lead-acid batteries, an adequate value of this parameter is 0.7
  • Days of Autonomy: is the number of consecutive days that in the absence of sun, the system accumulation is able to meet the consumption, without exceeding the maximum depth of battery discharge. The possible days of autonomy, depending among other factors of the type of installation and climatic conditions of the place.

Sizing of Solar Inverter

The operating characteristics that define a DC – AC inverter or converter are:

  • Nominal Power (kW)
  • Nominal Input Voltage (V)
  • Nominal Output Voltage (V)
  • Operating frequency (HZ)
  • Performance (%)

The input voltage at the solar inverters in Cairns of a photovoltaic installation will not always be constant, so the inverter must be able to transform different continuous voltages within a certain range. That range is usually 15%.

The nominal voltage value is a reference data within the operating range which serves to identify the type of converter.

When sizing the inverter, the power required by the load will be taken into account AC, so that an inverter whose nominal power is somewhat higher than the maximum will be chosen Sizing of Solar PV systems demanded by the load. However, inverter oversizing should be avoided to try to make it work in the area where it has better efficiencies.

Solar Buying Guide

Today, there are several ways to get electricity, which are significantly more environmentally friendly and which can also save a great deal in energy costs. We at Solar Masters want to attract more people to use energy in a more economical way and which is also environmentally friendly. Here we have collected all our products that are linked to using nature’s resources to obtain electricity such as wind and solar.

Many people are curious about solar energy but do not know where to start. This is a great place. If you are a few, e.g. a business owner, we will gladly come over and give a small lecture. But you can also find most things here.

Constant Decreasing Price of Solar power Installation in Australia

The investment cost for an Australian solar system includes both hardware and indirect costs. Hardware includes panels, solar inverters in GoldCoast, mounting material and other electronics and cables. Among the indirect the costs include planning, installation work, freight, commissioning and marginal gains. Historically, the solar panels have, and to some extent also the inverters, accounted for the majority of the cost of Australian solar system. In recent years, price reductions for solar cell systems have been mainly due to one decline in prices for Panels and Inverters.

Things to consider when going Solar

  1. Prerequisite

Why do you want a solar energy system? For economic reasons, or environmental reasons – or a bit of both? Or you may lack electricity in your cabin and still want some electric amenities. Under the heading Technology you can see what different solutions are available and what suits your conditions.

For example, if you have good roof surfaces and want to create electricity – yes, then it is solar cells that apply. Keep in mind that solar panels do not have to sit on a sloping roof. They can also be mounted on a stand on the ground or even attached to a flat surface or a wall. The area around the solar panels should be clean means not any tree or a building should block the sunlight to fall on panels properly.

  1. Economy

The most common question we get from the curious peoples is “does it pay off?”. The answer is “it depends”. Compared to what? In the long or short term and how much do you want and can you bet?

Some Thumb Rules:

The repayment period is 7-11 years. Large solar system Cairns have better economy than small ones, sheet metal roofs are easier to mount and roofs facing south are best. East-west ceilings are also good, but you may lose 20% on the exchange throughout the year. But some households use most energy in the mornings and evenings, so an east-west roof might be the best.

You can compare with bank interest rates or other money investments; an investment in solar energy yields about 6-8% return, which is not at all stupid. You can sell surplus energy back to the mains grid, but you will not receive a tax deduction for everything if you send out more than what you also buy in a year.

Take a look at the Hi-Tech Technologies used in the solar power systems

The upward trend in the cost of traditional fuels has been observed all over the world for more than a year – as well as the search for opportunities to use cheaper alternative types of energy. Recently, the installation of solar panels has been gaining special popularity – after all, this is a real chance to abandon traditional sources of fuel in favor of the inexhaustible potential of solar energy. The service of the professional installation of solar panels is offered by Solarmasters, the leader of the Australian market for the development and implementation of innovative solar solutions in the field of energy conservation.

High Tech Technologies uses in the Solar Panels

Despite the fact that people who use solar panels are still considered innovators, their number is constantly growing. This is explained by the enormous prospects that the installation of solar panels Townsville opens up for ordinary consumers. First of all – the ability to minimize the cost of electricity bills. Devices that we know as solar panels belong to the high-tech type of equipment, as they are capable of not only absorbing but also converting the energy of solar light into electricity. The most common are devices of a flat shape – the so-called solar panels. Thanks to this configuration, it became possible to install solar panels on any surface.

But to ensure maximum conversion of solar energy, the installation of solar panels provides for the correction of the angle of inclination – in accordance with the geographical data of the area. An incorrectly defined place for the installation of solar collectors and non-compliance with the rules for choosing the optimal tilt of the device reduces the module efficiency of their work. Therefore, in order to install solar panels, business companies only hire highly qualified specialists like us.

Types of Solar Panels and how they are different from each other

Solar panels differ in the type of materials used in production; the main types of solar panels currently in use are polycrystalline and single-crystal panels or Monocrystalline Panels.

The main difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels is the efficiency of solar power GoldCoast conversion. Monocrystalline panels have the highest efficiency – up to 22%. Monocrystalline silicon is made from highly purified raw materials (99.99%). Now there are solar modules made using PERC technology (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) – a passivated emitter of the rear contact and means the dielectric layer on the back of the PERC solar cell.

Commercially available polycrystalline cells have an efficiency of up to 18%. The lower efficiency is associated with the fact that in the production of polycrystalline silicon not only primary silicon of high purity is used, but also secondary raw materials (for example, recycled solar panels or silicon waste from the metallurgical industry). This leads to the appearance of various defects in the polycrystalline element. The efficiency of the elements is ultimately responsible for the physical size of the solar panels. The higher the efficiency, the smaller the panel area at the same power.

Where we stand right now in the Solar Technologies?

Alternative energy sources are actively capturing the consumer market. About ten years ago, most people did not imagine the possibility of acquiring such engineering developments as a wind power system or solar production technologies. Now it is becoming possible. Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit, the cost of installation and maintenance – a cost-effective solution today.

For about two hundred years, the process of improving solar power generation systems continues. Currently, engineering has achieved significant results in the development of photovoltaic equipment, especially in terms of efficiency – from 1 to 46% (the proportion of converted solar energy).

A solar panel is a great way to save your budget where there are no power lines or redundant power supply is required. Using free solar energy, you will no longer pay for electricity and conduct communications to the house. We, Solarmasters offer you products for assembling solar power systems based on photovoltaic solar panels. Solar panel systems can be both residential (small) and commercial (medium and high power).

By installing a solar system, you can:

  • solve the problem of connecting to electrical networks.
  • reduce power consumption.
  • add missing electrical power.

Why do we need to go to Solar?

Today, humanity is increasingly faced with the problems of using traditional energy sources. Their stocks are inexorably decreasing, and the cost is growing every year. As a result, the question of alternative sources of energy is becoming increasingly relevant. So why don’t we turn to the Sun and take advantage of its free solar energy by converting it to the useful electricity using solar inverters in GoldCoast, besides, scientists have long since invented effective ways to process it and use it as electricity using solar panels.

Solar energy is free renewable energy that does not pollute the environment, does not affect the greenhouse effect and is always nearby. Recently, an increasing number of people understand that it is advantageous to use economical, reliable and efficient solar panels at facilities that are far from the central power supply, the price of which is now quite acceptable for many residents of Queensland, Australia. So, solar panels are installed on the roofs of private houses, apartment buildings, hotels, technical facilities, etc. Those who have already used the technology of solar panels were able to appreciate their work and effectiveness.

Always make a Smart Move

It is convenient to buy solar systems Cairns with delivery to any region of Queensland using our website of energy-saving goods and services.

When choosing a solar power system for a house or other object, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the amount of electricity you consume per day and per month.
  • battery life with the lowest solar activity (or when energy consumption will exceed its production).
  • maximum power consumption (inverter power).

The market is modern and its sales technologies do not leave a clear assessment for the buyer especially, high-tech equipment and devices. This also applies to the market for the sale of solar power systems. Since production technologies themselves are very energy-intensive, if you want to buy solar panels or buy a solar power system for your home, the price in both cases will call for a detailed analysis not only on technical and technological features but also on economic feasibility.

Booming Australian Commercial Solar

A fresh report is out gently delayed highlights the amazing rate of expansion of non-conventional power transversely in Australia. A sustainable source of energy has maintained a rigid foundation in the electrical industry. Global warming and air & water pollution are the major issues surrounding the use of fossil fuel in energy generation. Using the renewable sources of energy are also important for depleting the use of conventional sources like fossil fuels, coal and other non-renewable sources of energy which increases Global Warming.

Renewable Sources of Energy to help out the Australian Industrial Sector

Using renewable sources for energy accurately is the first needs of human beings to counter the effects of pollution spread by conventional sources. We must find a greater source for generating energy and fulfilling our residential and commercial needs and renewable sources of energy are the topmost solution for this. Renewable energy sources have almost neglected carbon footprints in comparison with the carbon footprints of fossil fuels. Plus, with the unstoppable development in the Australian Industrial Area, there is a high requirement for the renewable sources of energy. However, introducing the commercial solar to the individual businesses considered as the best way to booming renewable energy Australia.

Renewable Energy Target 2020

Clean Energy Council of Australia had introduced the RET (Renewable Energy Target) scheme in 1st of April 2001. What’s more? Solar energy is the top contributor to meet the ends of renewable energy target for Australia which is supposed to make sure that Australia would generate near about 33,000 GWh by the year 2020. Previously, the similar Target had already shown up its positive effects on Australian Solar energy Boom when it was aimed to introduce residential solar in Australia by the years from 2010 to 2013. Along with completing the current targets in the next year, commercial solar power plants with solar inverter installation Brisbane would be built following the booming Australian Commercial Solar. According to the experts, the commercial solar energy generation would be increased almost two times with this target.

Efforts, Incentives, and Outcomes

Australia is planning to rely more on renewable sources of energy to empower residential and commercial energy needs. With this, solar companies are being noticed by the Clean Energy Council to support the commercial and residential solar installations. Solar provider companies have full support from the Australian Government and Clean Energy Council as well. More and more Industrialists and business owners have started making their attention towards powering up their whole business with commercial solar. Continuously increase in energy bills comes from the mains grid are also making them thinking about the commercial rooftop PV solar installing. Government providing subsidies makes it easy for the business owners to empower their businesses with the commercial solar. They are showing curiosity in the complete solar power system along with the solar battery storage Queensland. With all this planning and efforts, it is positively assumable about the boom in the Australian Commercial Solar.

On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems Explained: Which one is the Best for You?

When it comes to saving electricity, we take the help of solar panels. Solar panels can save a lot of our electricity during the day time if we use normal electricity in the house like to run a fan to burn the light, then we can use the battery backup. The night can also save power to a great extent. But solar panels are set up in two ways: On-Grid and Off-Grid. Both sets are used to place exactly the opposite of each other.

On-Grid Solar Systems

On-Grid Solar Systems are used in such a place. Where electricity stays all day or goes for only a few hours. The On-Grid Solar power GoldCoast allows you to create electricity and send it back to the electricity board, saving your electricity and reducing your electricity bill. Let’s say that if you generate 20 Units of electricity in 1 day and use only 10 Units of electricity in your house, the remaining 10 Units will go to the Electricity Board and it will reduce the electricity bill you face.

Pros and Cons

Using an on-grid solar system saves you a lot of electricity and the more power you generate, the more power you generate, the power goes back to the electricity board and if you use more electricity in the next month or future, the power that you generate. It has gone to the board and it gets into it. The amount of money that is required to install the on-grid solar system is completed in 3 to 5 years on your electricity bill.

But one disadvantage of the on-grid solar system is that when electricity does not come, the on-grid solar system does not work.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid systems are used in a place where electricity comes in a few hours. In such a place, an off-grid system is fitted with a solar panel with a solar inverter and batteries to allow the solar panel to charge the battery and also get electricity during the night. These are common examples of where the on-grid solar system works and where the Off-grid solar system works, apart from the differences in development, which are described below.

As we have already mentioned, off-grid solar systems allow you to store electricity in batteries and use this power through battery whenever there is no mains supply or at night.

Pros and Cons

In off-grid solar systems, we need larger inverters and batteries to run a large device without the main supply or directly on a solar panel. If we use simple 1100 VA solar inverters in Mackay and a battery, we can only run our home fans and lights, etc., but if we have to run big equipment like freeze air conditioners, etc., we have to install at least 5000 VA inverters. And only then can we run a large device on which at least 4 batteries are required. We have to use batteries so it becomes very expensive and the battery life is more than 2-3 years after we change the batteries for which we have to pay more.


Both solar systems will save your electricity, but before you install one of these solar systems, you need to see how much of your home has the main supply if your home gets 3-4 hours of power supply during the day time to install an on-grid solar system. Because the on-grid solar system will work only when you’re home has the main supply. So, in such a place, the off-grid solar system will be beneficial for you even if you don’t have the main supply in your home, you’ll still, get a good power backup.

Insight of Australian Solar Industry and Rebate Schemes

Almost every smart person living in Australia is aware of the fact that solar energy is a most renewable, clean, eco-friendly and free resource of the energy. Beneficial things are that it does not release any kind of harmful gases into the environment. Plus, it does not spread any kind of noise pollution. Our sun gives us a huge amount of energy every time and this amount of energy we cannot even use in doing every task with solar power in our lifetime. But this huge amount of solar energy is still useless for us unless we do not add technology to it. We just activate our Vitamin D with the solar power but if we want to use it as something workable then we need to store it first and transform or convert it into the useful electrical energy in order to take work from the Australian Solar home appliances for almost free.

How does Solar Cell work?

In a solar cell, light makes energized electrons inside the material; however, they unwind back to their ground state in normal microseconds. So you haven’t got long to gather them or catch them from the cell. You get the greatest voltage from the cell when the pace of age of the electrons by light adjusts the rate that they unwind back, and as you increment the voltage of the cell, they begin unwinding back more rapidly. What’s more, on the off chance that you have terrible surfaces, they unwind back much more rapidly.

Beneficial Use of Solar Installation for the Household Errands

To generate the electrical energy from solar power, we require a solar power the system in which, solar panels, solar inverter installation GoldCoast, and solar batteries are the main three components. These three components make the complete solar power system together so that we can produce useful electrical energy. This useful electricity provided by the intact solar energy system appears practical in every approach from taking work from our electrical equipment in our house or kitchen to operating the commercial equipment at our workplaces.

It doesn’t matter if you own the power system for your household or your business place, the solar power system bought from a well-known retailer is always going to provide you fast return of investment and will give you great benefits from both sides, first of all by reducing your monthly or quarterly bill and secondly, by providing you the great Feed-In Tariff after sending the extra generated electrical energy to the local mains grid.

Rebate Schemes with the Awesome Advantages

Within excess of almost 2,000,000 Australian homes now with household solar, industry experts tell the country is en route to a clean energy future. How about we investigate what budgetary help is offered around the nation. A portion of this originates from the Federal Government, and different impetuses start with different State Governments. As we will see, the degree of these refunds shifts colossally relying upon where you live in Australia. STC’s and LGC’s are offered to small business owners and large business owners. These certificates are given by the Clean Energy Council of Australia and can be used as the discount vouchers at the time of going solar installation Cairns. These Rebate certificates can be redeemable at any Clean Energy Council Retailer.

How to Select the Best Solar System Installer?

You might have got the solar quotes from the different Solar Providers. Every provider sounds like they are the best; they provide the best solar inverter installation, right? Well if you are getting confused if this kind of stuff and cannot find the way to choose the best solar inverter installer then you can choose one by yourself. The best inverter installer would provide the best solar products (branded solar inverters in this case). Now, the frequent question that appears in your mind is that which is the best brand for solar inverters? Fortunately, you also can find the best inverter brands by yourself too with the little help of the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Clean Energy Council Approved Products List

Clean Energy Council is the Backbone and Mastermind behind the moment of making Australia a Clean and Green Energy producer and consumer. Clean Energy Council has all the answers of your all the questions.  At the website of Clean Energy Council, you can check the approved brands of solar products. If the brand of solar inverter is provided by a particular solar inverter installer is n the list of the approved list then you can go with that installer. And in case if you are installing the whole solar power inverter of the branded solar products available in that list then you also can make yourself eligible for the Solar Rebates. How amazing, right?

What is the Warranty Period of the Solar Inverters?

Actually, solar inverters are worthy if you have installed a whole solar power inverter at your property. And a whole solar power inverter is a really big investment of lifetime; hence there is a pretty elongated warranty on the solar inverters. The warranty further depends on the brand that you choose and some further warranty is provided by the solar inverter installers. Well, the average lifespan of a solar inverter is considered to be 10 to 20 years so you can receive up to 5 to 12 years of the warranty period as per the terms and conditions of the provider. Now some of the providers offer 8 years to 10 years warranty period. Without a doubt, if you have a longer period of the warranty, then you will be in a longer period of benefits.

One of the Best Solar Inverter Installers in Australia

So if you are looking for a solar inverter installation Queensland provider who can provide the branded solar inverter installation with an elongated warranty period then SolarMasters comes up as the best choice. SolarMasters is a Clean Energy Council Retailer with the Clean Energy Council approved solar products. SolarMasters is providing their solar inverter installation services to various regions of Australia. With the support of Clean Energy Council, we stand on the top among other solar providers. If you still have some of the questions dancing up in your mind about the solar inverter installation in Australia or any other solar service, rebates, free site assessment and free solar quotes in Australia. Then you can feel free to contact us.

Solar Batteries: How to Make the Right Choice?

The electricity produced by the Solar Panels cannot be used directly but it needs to be converted into Alternate Current with a solar inverter first and then it would require a solar battery for storage that current for the continuous use of the electricity, which is specially made for storing the current produced by Solar Panels. One of the frequent utilization of solar battery storage at a residential property is to power up the solar battery from your solar energy system and using that electricity to run the important electrical equipment at the time of long electricity cut off.

For residential people, the major advantages of solar battery storage are:

•           Storing the sun-powered electricity during the day and devouring that electricity later at night, after the sun sets.

•           Providing reinforcement supply of the electricity to fundamental gadgets if the electricity from the grid goes out.

The whole solar battery storage Queensland is manufactured only to store the electrical energy, which can light up the residential properties at the night time hours and provides a backup of electrical power for important devices like fan, lights, charging smartphones or laptops during the power outages. Nevertheless, you still will be attached to the mains grid.

Determine the size of your Solar Battery System

Each house is unique. As you measure the number of solar panels to your electricity needs, similarly, your solar batteries storage ought to be measured to your requirements. You can determine the size of the solar battery storage by taking these in your mind.

•           Your area, house direction, and kind of house

•           Your family unit electricity utilization

•           Time of the day when your residential electricity utilization happens

•           The size of the solar power system and the amount of electricity it generates in hours.

•           The way you use the electrical devices at your home.

The latest solar battery storage system needs an Interweb connectivity to make sure that you can screen the use on your smartphone application and to update battery programming. With a transitory loss of connectivity, the battery will keep on working. Your solar battery storage system ought not to be introduced in area with no Internet connectivity.

A Safe Battery for your Solar Battery System

For off-grid solar power systems, the powerful capacity of Lithium-ion solar batteries needs only substantially less space in your place and the solar battery system can be pre-installed, which lessens establishment cost. Moreover, Lithium-ion battery systems don’t release any unstable gases during charging and releasing dissimilar to some lead-acid batteries and are protected to be introduced inside a house devoid of the requirement for intricate venting systems.

Solar Masters is the house of one of the biggest solar power systems supplies. We provide the best solar installation services to residential and commercial households. They are the Clean Energy Council Retailer and provide the discount certificates to the residential and commercial households. Solar Masters deals with the latest technologies introduced in the solar industry to provide the best products and services to their clients.